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Pictures are sold individually in sizes A0 and A1 and all are laminated. This solves two problems. It gives the picture a little structural integrity and creates a stable basis with which to wall-hang. Previously it was necessary to employ an overly complicated wall-hanging system that was both cumbersome and expensive. Both those problems are solved using laminate. Wall-hanging can now be achieved using little more than paper clips and ingenuity. Thus saving time, money and the work involved. All in all a much better system. Also manufacturing costs are considerably reduced lowering the cost to the end user.

There are two styles of laminate available. Matt or Gloss. Both are offered because it will always be a matter of personal choice which one you would prefer. The laminate does not detract from the picture quality at all and even enhances the viewing pleasure. Please do not ask me for advice or suggestions because I cannot become involved with your decision making process. But please bear in mind, gloss looks nice but can be susceptible to reflections. As matt laptop screens are equally as popular it seems the decision comes down to personal choice. Ultimately, it is your choice. As nature has not provided a perfect solution, there isn’t one. Although mix and matching Matt and Gloss together might be an odd decision to make as it’s unlikely they will co-exist side by side. Because refunds, returns or exchanges will not be considered, make a decision and stick to it.

The pictures are delivered to you in a tube. Which will incur some curling. However, it is easily dealt with by reversing the way the picture was rolled in the tube and then securing with paper and tape and leaving it for a few minutes. Eventually it will choose to just lie flat and can then be wall-hung in the usual manner, thanks to the slight structural integrity the laminate offers.

Three options are offered.

A0 = Extra Large – approx 1189x841mm – 46x33inch  £485.00 Delivered (including airmail)

A1 = Large – approx 841x594mm  – 33x23inch     £445.00 Delivered (including airmail)

One Single Gallery of 16 Pictures – A3 Micro Laminated £700 Delivered (Including airmail)

All pictures are printed at the optimum 300 dpi to preserve every exquisite detail. Also, it is important to bear in mind that all pictures are cropped by the photographer to 16/9 aspect ratio. So some size discrepancy will occur. Although with the pictures displayed together the sizing differences will be negligible and unlikely to be noticed.

VAT tax and airmail delivery are included in the price no matter where you are in the world. Local UK taxes are included although you may be liable for taxes and other local import duties within your jurisdiction. Delivery will be approximately ten to fourteen days. Depending on circumstances. The image copyright will remain with the creator/photographer at all times.

As there is no need to complicate matters, picture choice is quite straight forward. Choose your picture from any of the menu options by using the grid method. All pictures are available for purchase. Using the grid system with individual galleries, first select the picture in the Row and then the column. 

Simply return your confirmation email with your selection. A final check will be performed to avoid miss-steps. 

Acros Art  = HCX (High Contrast Index) in B&W. 


A0 – A1 & A3 Gallery Options